George Overton

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Mesmarise LLC is here to provide you with, simple, unique, and efficient experience. The service we currently provide is Photography.

Photography Services

There is not any particular style we claim to have or use when shooting your pictures. We simply love capturing your moments. Our goal is to capture your moments, which will allow you and generations to come the ability to view them years from now, feeling as if it happened just yesterday.

We prefer that our images speak to you by providing you with a lifetime of memories. Living by our catchphrase,
“ Making moments stand still one image at a time”


George Overton / Photographer

My communication comes through images, designs, photographs or a combination of any of the three. Much of what I create is for visual enjoyment and to explore different techniques or materials. I invoke a response from the viewer by use of color or graphics. My photographic images are diverse and reflect the environment that we live in. My work is simple but unique, derived from past and current experiences. I seek to increase my knowledge and artistic abilities through life experiences.

All images used courtesy George Overton.